REACH agency

Media Relations - REACH agency

Media Relations,Pitching Interviews, Dispatching Press Releases, Preparing Media Lists, Media Confirmations, Dispatching Media Invitation, Follow up on coverage, Push on coverage, Media Analysis Reports (Daily, weekly, monthly)

Corporate Events - REACH agency

Corporate Events, Conceptualization, 3D event preview, Contacting Suppliers, Following up with all suppliers, Coordination on ground, Media Reception if available, Master of Ceremony services, Sharing Event Report

Private Events - REACH agency

Private Events (Weddings, bachelors, birthdays, anniversaries, proposals …) Conceptualization, 3D event preview, Coordinating with suppliers, Coordination on ground

Content Development - REACH agency

Content Development Drafting Press Releases in 3 languages, Translating Press Releases in 3 languages, Writing Media Content to be published, Proof Reading services, Drafting Ads content, Drafting Brochures content, Drafting websites content

PR Services - REACH agency
PR Services, Strategic PR Plan, Social Media, Crisis Management, PR & Media Campaigns (Activations, influencers endorsement…), Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns